The purpose and mission of Asai Shotokan Association International (ASAI) is to extend traditional karate-do to advanced practitioners and to further understand and develop true bujutsu as seen through functional karate.

Our karate is based on Funakoshi/Nakayama JKA style with an extension of Asai ryu karate. Asai ryu karate was created by world famous Master Tetsuhiko Asai. He combined the long distance fighting method of Shotokan and the short distance fighting method of White Crane Kung Fu along with kobudo (Okinawan weapons). We believe this is the next generation of bujutsu and budo karate. Our aim is to provide the far advanced karate concepts and techniques to you and your students. Moreover, we wish to help the instructors in their development and advancement so that they can grow to be better instructors.

Asai Shotokan Association International was founded by Shihan Kousaku Yokota to promote Asai style bujutsu karate. ASAI is non-political, and as such, we welcome all karate-ka and dojos who wish to practice advanced Shotokan techniques in an open environment. Our membership is open to all karate practitioners regardless of the organizations and the styles.

Our offering is very unique as we wish to provide the true value and holistic approach to your dojo operations. We are not one of those organizations that take your membership fee and all you get in return is a membership card. Our offering is completely different as we offer the owner or Chief Instructor both karate and business opportunities so that you can improve not only karate skills but also dojo operations.