Shihan Kousaku Yokota

Shihan Kousaku Yokota
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Shihan Kousaku Yokota, 8th dan, is a martial artist with extensive experience. With 50 years of training in Shotokan karate, he specializes in Asai ryu Budo karate. Moreover, his wide range of experience also includes training in Kobudo, specializing in the ways of the Nunchaku, and training in the art of Ki and the breathing method by Nishino ryu Kikojutsu.

Shihan Yokota started his martial arts training with Judo when he was 13 years old. Three years later, he joined the JKA affiliated dojo in his hometown of Kobe, Japan, and started his long journey in Shotokan karate. He trained under the late Master Sugano, 9th dan JKA Vice Chairman, and completed his instructors’ training in 1982. In 2002, he followed the late Master Tetsuhiko Asai and joined his organization, JKS, where he remained a dedicated member until 2009.

In mid-2013 Shihan Yokota created his organization called ASAI (Asai Shotokan Association International) to honor late Master Asai and to promote Asai style Shotokan karate around the world. He is also a partner at Karate Coaching, an online martial arts instruction service provider.

He is the author of Shotokan Myths (2010) and Shotokan Mysteries (2013). He co-authored Kata Kyohon Vol. 1-3 (2011 – 2012). He is also a regular contributor to martial arts magazines such as Shotokan Karate Magazine, and Masters and Classical Fighting Arts. He travels extensively around the world to spread the knowledge and techniques of Asai ryu karate.